Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Episode 21: Primal Scream (1975)

Reporter Carl Kolchak gets the runaround from an oil company when samples from an ice core defrost, besetting Chicago with primal beasties. Directed by Robert Scheerer and co-written by David Chase and Bill S. Ballinger, the episode is stolen by Jamie Farr as a disgruntled high school teacher.

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Music by Jerry Fielding, Bob Cobert and John Walker


  1. Cavemen movies rule. You are not alone

  2. Wife and I saw this on MeTV last week. It is a strangely produced episode that really deserved 1.5 hrs to pull off correctly. But it IS Kolchak - late night weird TV!! Great stuff. It's a shame that interviews with the writers and actors was t done years ago. Enjoy!