Saturday, March 3, 2018

Episode 13: The Devil's Platform (1974)

Tom Skerritt (and his mustache) star as Robert W. Palmer, a politician who has made a devil's bargain to gain power...

He has the ability to turn into a Satanic rottweiler in order to defeat those who stand in his way but he can't stop Carl Kolchak from getting to the bottom of The Devil's Platform. The last "Night Stalker" to be directed by Allen Barron, this episode was written by Donn Mullally.

On this episode, Chris and Mike talk to Ron "Uptight" Updyke himself, Jack Grinnage, about his role in "The Night Stalker" as well as his early days in "Rebel without a Cause".

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Music by Jerry Fielding, Bob Cobert and John Walker


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